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Symmetric provides sampling services to companies that place a very high value on representative samples, scientific sampling methods, and advanced fraud-detection systems. Symmetric applies advanced technology and sophisticated systems to create and manage some of the best online panels in the world. From its origins in 1996, Symmetric's suite of online panels has expanded to include American Consumer Opinion® and five B2B panels. All are carefully balanced, continually refreshed, and systematically cleaned via high-tech and low-tech methods. Nonresponders, speedsters, and cheaters are continually purged. In addition to its worldwide panels, Symmetric can supplement its samples by drawing participants from hundreds of other sampling sources, using the Icion® sampling platform. All samples are vetted by Symmetric's Sleuth fraud-detection systems. Stratified sampling controls and random selection of participants within each cell helps ensure that each sample is as representative as possible.

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Symmetric operates six worldwide online panels:

American Consumer Opinion

representing over seven million consumers in more than 200 different countries around the globe

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Contractor Advisory Board

architects, general contractors, plumbers, carpenters, painters, landscape companies, and more

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Executive Advisory Board

presidents, general managers, mid-level managers, and small business executives across a number of different countries.

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Medical Advisory Board

nurses, optometrists, pharmacists, dietitians, pathologists, laboratory technicians, radiologists, veterinarians, and other healthcare professionals

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Physicians Advisory Council

an online panel of physicians in the United States and Canada, primarily, but with some representation in Europe and other countries

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Technology Advisory Board

scientists, engineers, IT professionals, computer programmers & systems experts

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Complete demographic profiles are maintained, including: Age and Gender Family Composition Education Marital Status Occupation Employment Status Ethnic Background Type of Dwelling Household Income

Our B2B Panels

Other Services

Symmetric is owned and operated by Decision Analyst. Founded in 1978, Decision Analyst is one of the largest research and analytic firms in North America. The firm has over 150 employees who are experts in an array of different services. Some of these services that could help you with your project are listed below:

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