Logician® is Decision Analyst's proprietary questionnaire programming software, designed and coded by Decision Analyst's programmers. It features:

  • Algebraic Logic.
  • Comprehensive Boolean Skip and Branching Logic.
  • Hidden Skip Logic. Respondents never see any evidence of skips (i.e., the questions the respondent sees always flow in numerical sequence).
  • Variable Piping. Piping of variables from the sample into the questionnaire and from question to question are possible.
  • Card Sort, and Slider Bar Question Types. These and other questions types provide interaction and engagement for respondents.
  • Random or Systematic Rotation. This can apply to questions, blocks of questions, and answer choices from respondent to respondent.
  • Control of the Questionnaire Flow. The respondents can be blocked from backing up or can be allowed to stop midquestionnaire and come back later to finish.
  • Error Trapping. If the respondent fails to answer a question, or answers it with an incorrect type of response, an immediate error message appears.
  • Forced Answering. Respondents cannot skip over questions as they do in mail surveys. The program will not let them continue if they fail to answer a question.
  • Sounds and Pictures. Sounds and visuals can be integrated into the questionnaire.
  • Image Protection. Images and videos in surveys are protected by proprietary technology.
  • Format Flexibility. Different screen layouts, background colors, font types, colors, and sizes are options.
  • Single-Response and Multiple-Response Questions. Multiple-response questions can even accept answers up to a limit (i.e., up to three answers or up to four answers, etc.).
  • Open-Ended Questions. Responses to open-ended questions can be captured verbatim. Unaided questions are always asked as open-ended questions.
  • Encryption. Our Internet server is encrypted with SSL (Secure Socket Layering) for total security.
  • Complex Quotas, Cells Assignments and Augments. Logician® provides extraordinary capabilities to set and manage quotas within surveys and accurately control cell assignments and augments.

Logician® Online Reporting System

Decision Analyst's Logician® Online Reporting Platform includes an integrated suite of application designed to manage data and customize reports. Our online reporting capabilities include:

  • Web Publishing. A static electronic report posted on a secure webpage.
  • Report Distribution. Simple data query (e.g., sales per quarter pre region), which is passed by a user through the web and is posted for viewing.
  • Custom Cross-tabs. System that provides permits users to run their own cross-tabs. Tabulated results can be exported to Excel for charting and graphing.