Icion® is an advanced multivariate sampling system designed and programmed by Decision Analyst. The system automatically pulls probability samples representative of a survey’s target population or target audience, simultaneously balanced by geography, gender, age, income and other variables. Icion® creates a multi-layer series of nested quotas (a large matrix) and adjusts those quotas by estimated response rates for different demographic and geographic groups (i.e., each cell in the matrix). This is the template used to pull the final sample, with random selection of individuals within each quota cell. The sample is metered out slowly over a period of time to allow time for all panelists to respond before any additional sample is released. The system monitors completed surveys, and closes sample cells down as quota targets are achieved or releases more sample to fill open quota cells.

Icion® is also an engine to bring samples in from many different sources and to balance and integrate those samples into probability samples representative of target populations. Different sources of sample can be comingled and combined to create more random and more representative samples. All samples flow in through the Sleuth™ fraud detection system to screen out duplicates and questionable respondents.