Symmetric's in house Tabulation experts use sophisticated software and systems to produce powerful cross-tabs and summaries, including algebraic models for scoring and analysis. Significance testing can be applied to columns and rows of tabulated results, and complex weighting schemes can be applied to the data. There are no limits on the size of the datafile

Our Cross-tabs may include:

  • Descriptive statistics (Mean, median, standard error, standard deviation, mode)
  • Minimum and maximum values
  • Data weighting
  • Nets
  • Rankings
  • Statistical Testing (T-Test, Z-Test, Chi-square, ANOVA/MANOVA)
  • Top-line reports
  • Up to 22 points per banner
  • Confidence Intervals


Information in a database is of no value if it cannot be extracted and reported promptly and accurately. We have developed powerful multilevel reporting software with graphics and drill-down capabilities to speed important information to decision makers. Results and tabulations can be provided in the following formats:

  • Cross-Tabulations
    • Detailed tabular format in Word, Excel, pdf, or paper
    • Logician® Online Reporting System
    • Charts or graphs in either Word, Powerpoint, or pdf
  • Cleaned Datafiles
    • ASCII
    • Excel
    • SPSS
    • SAS
    • Access