Get To Know Your Project Manager - Jacob Fike

June 22, 2020

Symmetric Project Manager Jacob Pike majored in Marketing at the University of North Texas and believed that Marketing Research presented the perfect opportunity to learn more about Marketing. Additionally, he likes how every day is different, and each project is a unique experience. Marketing is a broad topic, and working for Symmetric allows Jacob to learn about many industries and multiple marketing challenges.

People brought Jacob to Symmetric, and people keep him here. "A friend of mine recommended me for an opening at Symmetric. Once I learned about the responsibilities and job description, I thought it would be a great experience. The people at Symmetric are the best, for sure. Everyone was very welcoming when I first started working for Symmetric. They made me feel like I was an important asset to the team," said Jacob.

Jacob is proud of the trackers he works on and being able to work with a client for the long term and building their trust that you will meet their expectations each month. However, sometimes the most challenging projects can be the most rewarding: "There was a project I had that never went right. The setup wouldn't work until about two days of investigating the issue, recruiting was a worst-case scenario, and the project seemed to last a lifetime. What got me through it was our team’s dedication. We told the client we could do this project for them, so we pushed and pushed until we could confidently say we reached our end goal. It felt great to turn that project over to the client," recalled Jacob.

When Jacob isn't solving problems for his clients, he enjoys following professional sports and attending games. He played sports growing up and played intramural sports in college. He views himself as "way too competitive," and what's worse, his family is the same way. (Apparently, they don't call the University of North Texas "Mean Green Country" for nothing!) Jacob is looking forward to furthering his career by getting a Master's degree in the near future.

SYMMETRIC is delighted to have Jacob Fike as a Project Manager!