Get To Know Your Project Manager - Ingrid Thomas

June 15, 2020

Symmetric’s Senior Project Manager and Assistant Manager, Ingrid Thomas, started her marketing research journey feeling confused. She explains: “A friend of mine referred me to a healthcare MR firm for an opportunity. Unfortunately, he was doing a less-than-stellar job of explaining what the position entailed. So that I could better understand what this opportunity really was, I applied, got the interview, and the rest is history. Interestingly enough, the job description my friend shared with me all those years ago is still hard to explain to others now!”

Symmetric is delighted that Ingrid liked the opportunity because it has worked out well for everyone. Bringing several years of successfully managing projects and client accounts in sectors ranging from quick-service restaurants to major healthcare companies, Ingrid’s dedication to client success has been instrumental to her success in this role and a great fit with Symmetric’s culture

Marketing research presents so many varied opportunities to network and learn about different industries, audiences, and trends, the industry appeals strongly to someone like Ingrid. But above all, Ingrid likes the Symmetric team. “The team at Symmetric makes all the difference. The whole team is cohesive and works together like a well-oiled machine. I can honestly say that I’ve not worked with a better team!”

Ingrid especially likes the most challenging projects, with lots of moving parts. “I recently closed a large multi-country, multi-partner B2B study that is by far my favorite to date. This study was tough, and we did not want to under-deliver. Our persistence paid off as we were not only able to achieve our anticipated partial feasibility, but we were eventually awarded the full allocation, and knocked the study out of the park!”

Another project Ingrid liked was a large airline study with both consumer and B2B targets with nested quotas that spanned multiple countries. “Beyond the complexity of the study itself, our client was feeling us out and was initially a bit less than open to feedback, so we encountered quite a few mishaps on their end. There were hiccups with the client programming, translations, and multiple updates made to the survey. With all of the bumps we experienced, we managed to gain the trust of the client and salvage the study. We closed with all quotas having been met and managed to do so without compromising on quality or completely obliterating our budget.”

Ingrid Is a native Texan and a resident of the Fort Worth area. When she is not balancing quotas or programming red herrings, she enjoys spending time with my family hiking, taking walks, fishing, visiting museums, or dishing out perfectly cooked meals in the Overcooked Kitchen (PS4 video game).

Symmetric is glad to have Ingrid Thomas as our Senior Project Manager and Assistant Manager!